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Continuing Education Opportunities With CMAR

Continuing Education and Code of Ethics

Dates/Times: March 22nd & September 17th | 9am-3pm (course offered twice)
Location: Mt. Pleasant City Hall
Instructor: Jack Waller, NCI Associates
Course Information: This course fulfills your Con Ed for 2018 AND your quadrennial Code of Ethics (due the end of December 2018)! 3 hours Course 1900 and 3 hours Code of Ethics (includes 2 legal hours).
Cost: $45 (CMAR Members: this course is eligible for your 2018 Education Voucher)

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Fair Housing In Property Management

Date/Time: April 10th | 1-3pm
Location: Mt. Pleasant City Hall
Instructor: Gwyn Besner, ACME Institute
Course Information: Fair Housing in Property Management (counts for 2 elective Con Ed Credits)
Cost: FREE! Courtesy of the CMAR Equal Opportunity In Housing Committee

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REALTOR® Education

The CE Marketplace has created a pdf explaining the Continuing Education Requirements for Realtors, according to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Occupational Code.

CE Marketplace

Con Ed Requirements

Search the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for approved Pre-licensing and Broker classes in Michigan.


Find courses at the CE Shop, online courses you can take on YOUR schedule. Options include 40-hour prelicensing courses or continuing education courses.

The CE Shop

Find courses at RealEtateCE.com: Offering full Curriculum of Core & Elective Real Estate Classes. Compliant and approved with your state commission.


REALTORS® are required to complete code of ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within two-year cycles. The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS®. The current two-year cycle will end Dec. 31, 2018. The Central Michigan Association of REALTORS® recommends that you take the NAR online course.

Code of Ethics

REALTORS® are required to follow the code of ethics, and to follow the guidelines from Michigan REALTORS® regarding Professional Standards. This and more information can be found on Michigan REALTORS® website.

Pro Standards